A Step Forward In Interior Design


THE SECRET IS OUT! There are no more coveted decorating secrets! A Step Forward In Interior Design exposes the largest to the smallest decorating detail in layman terms and with a fun and creative twist!
If you are building, remodeling or decorating your home, this may be your most useful tool on the market today!

Finally, a fun, creative decorating workbook! Whether you are building, remodeling or simply decorating, you need never again be uncertain on how you will utilize your space! Now you can have every room in your home look like the beautiful pictures you have admired in magazines. And no more repetition and disappointing purchases that cost you extra time and money!

A Step Forward In Interior Design will give you all of the tools needed to complete your project with results that will make you swell with confidence and pride! It will walk you through any decorating project with ease, prompting you to make decisions on your own personal project with amazing results! With A Step Forward In Interior Design, anyone can now decorate like the professionals! Its easy step-by-step, start-to-finish decorating guide talks to you like you were sitting across the table with a friend. It was designed to allow anyone the opportunity to learn the secrets of those beautifully decorated rooms you’ve seen in magazines. A Step Forward In Interior Design is fun and contains an interesting educational twist that allows you to tailor your project while it strolls you through ‘your’ choice of budget, focal points, style and color! In fact, everything you need to accomplish your desired look is covered! You will be thrilled with its practical layout and simply treasure your results.